Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Options for the Appropriate Paint to Use

types of paint
What you paint is what you've seen or imagined, isn't it? But that does not mean that the prime requisite or the entire process is entirely dependent on your senses – you also need the right material to create the best masterpiece. Obviously, that relates to canvas, brush, and paint. Each one of these necessities also has distinct features or offers varied purposes depending on your painting style or subject. So you have to choose the most appropriate because, again, what you use affects what you'll see in the end. And this article focuses on the various choices of paint, and the considerations when deciding which one to use:

Acrylic Paint
Is this option the right one for you? To answer the question, you have to take bases from the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of paint. First on its upside is it dries quicker than the others – you can simply mix it with water or gels and use brushes that can be cleaned with water afterward. And when it is already dried, you can overpaint it with oils or watercolor even without disturbing the underlying layers. The downside, on the other hand, is that it can't be removed by rewetting the paint given that it's water proof and the working time should be made quick because it dries very fast on dog portrait painting. How about the cost? This varies on the brand and where you buy it, but there are always cheaper options for self portrait paintings.

Oil Paint
Unlike the preceding one, this type gives you more working time and the opportunity to blend with other colors as it dries slowly. Other advantages of this paint include: deep colors that can maintain intensity when dry, can be used thinly or thickly, and can be over-painted without disturbing the underlying layers of pet portrait painting. As to the disadvantages, you need to find well-ventilated area to work in because this is thinned with solvent or oils. Yet, because it dries slowly, you have to consider working on various paintings at once. When it comes to cost, this also varies on the type, brand, and the store where you buy it.

Watercolor Paint
No, this isn't just for kids or beginners. Even experts do use this type of paint as it also offers several advantages including: (1) can be reused if the paint taken from the tube has already dried, and (2) the brushes you use can be easily cleaned with water. On its negative side, the watercolor can hardly correct or conceal the mistakes in a painting. Yet, the colors on the painting do not already appear as bright as they were when you were just doing it; there is also no white color as it primarily comes from the paper. Anyhow, this could be your best choice if you are after the most affordable type of paint to use.

Yes, this is most commonly used by kids. But you need not to go back in childhood to use this again. And the most apparent advantage in using this is that there is no waiting for such to dry and you can simply use paper instead of palette to blend the colors. Likewise, you need no brushes as you can directly paint the subject or create a composition only by the use of pastels. However, the drawback is you will need wider range of colors to create the desired Portrait painting as compared to other options.

Meanwhile, the top considerations when choosing the right type of paint include the kind of painting to create, the cost, and the poison hazards in using it. It's always your choice that determines how attractive or appealing your painting would be.

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