Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sketches Used in Crime Investigations

Crimes happen almost everyday at every corner of the world.

To sort out the situation, cops, investigators, and lawyers are usually called to take part in solving the horrid problem. But in initial and ongoing procedures, the service of a sketch artist is often needed to draw out the crime scene location. This helps the investigation visualize and analyze the details with their job in solving the crime case.

Sketches - Crime Scene
Photo credits: Smartdraw.com

What Is a Crime Scene Sketch?

This necessary file serves as one of the essentials in depicting the scene of the crime that cannot be easily accomplished with video footages, photos and notes. Crime scene sketches are needed badly for accuracy and rapid investigation of the case. It role of bringing out accuracy correlates the testimonies of suspect and witnesses and serves as a valid reference if one is question with his involvement with the crime. 

Before the artist starts up with his crime scene sketch, there are things which he needs to include and exclude which may be necessary or not necessary. The only time that he is required to extend his sketches is when the case or scene happens to be complicated.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Bringing Out Creative Ideas For Art Inspiration

Every day, we are challenged to be creative in all tasks that we do and wanting to Become a superhero to meet the deadlines or almost impossible to figure out those brain-wracking stuffs. The times when we stare at the blank computer screen, a new text document, a pile of hardbound books to read, that heart breaking letter, cursor blinking for hours; awaiting your fingers to type the keys in a genius way to write the winning script, or the blank canvas for painting portrait awaiting for an artist to paint. 
Painter Sketching
Photo Credits: Flickr, ertugrulincel, "painter"

Whatever creative challenges we face in our daily lives, there will be times that we get stuck and Unable to get to the next level. We are lost and uninspired.

But how do we inspire ourselves?

Deep Observation . Try to understand the things around you. Know your goals, failures and success. Grab your sketch pad or notebook to a place that inspires you. The best way is out in nature, like mountains, near the river, or During the sunset. But sometimes it's in the crowd. Different people and faces, the stories of sorrow and happiness, are priority you can use to Create a story on your canvas and use it as a wall decor and home alternative

Friday, April 25, 2014

Canvas Print as a Wall Decor Alternative at Home

Paintings are the ideal wall decor at home, but others resort to photo into painting canvas because paintings are expensive. A painting is an artwork that keeps a memory, but sadly, not everyone can afford buying one. The cost of canvas prints sold online is only a fraction of the rates of a painting, even those that are done by artists that are not well-known. It's obvious advantage, aside from being cheap, is it's versatility. You can choose from a variety of designs to customize your canvas print. If you choose to put it in your bedroom, you can choose a pop art or black and white design. If you're going to place it in your living room, you can opt to have a pencil sketch or vintage design.

canvas prints for decoration

What are canvas prints?

You're probably wondering what are canvas prints and how they are different from a painting? Well, a canvas print is a reproduction of a photo which is printed on a canvas. Back then, the method can be done through offset printing to make decorative designs. Now, the work is done automatically with the use of specially designed inkjet printers. The new method makes for a more accurate finish of the image on the canvas.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Choosing the Right Provider for Your Canvas Photo

Warhol Style Pop Art
Paintings have been a common ornament in almost every household. You'd usually see painting or two when you visit someone's house. With the advancement of technology, there is now a new way to manufacture paintings. It is called photo prints on canvas, a process wherein companies convert photos into paintings. It has been a popular commodity to homeowners and to those who want to give unique gifts to their loved ones. Since there have been so many companies that offer the same service, you need to find one that can best give you what you want. Finding a company that is the ultimate choice for everybody’s photo printing needs is a fun task. There are ways for you to find that provider.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Creating Your Own Masterpiece Out Of Old Photos

This video provides an overview of the easy steps you have to follow if you want to transform an ordinary photo into an exquisite canvas print. Actually, you’re just a “click” away to discover how this customization process works at SnappyCanvas – the ultimate choice for everybody’s photo printing needs!

All of snappy canvases are lovingly made using:
  • Fine Art Museum quality Canvas materials
  • UV Protection to prevent damage from harmful sun-rays
  • Water Resistance for extra durability
  • Archival inks for long term fade resistance
  • High Quality cotton/polyester blend canvas

Monday, January 27, 2014

Tips to Conceive a Magnificent Idea for Abstract Painting

You can never paint what you can't think about or imagine, right? Which is why the conception of an idea (concrete or abstract) precedes the creation of an artwork like a landscape painting. And that means, then, that if what you have conceived is unclear and not impressive, it will reflect on your masterpiece. So, apparently, you have to be very creative in developing that idea which could embody what can be seen in reality or that which cannot but could magnet the attention of whoever will look at it. But such is something which cannot be taught for each artist has his own unique way of expressing himself and seeing the world with his own lenses. As such, the following tips are only intended to aid you in conceiving a magnificent idea for your abstract painting:

See the Potential
It's always easier to decide on the concrete subject, but not when you think about an abstract masterpiece. You might find it somewhat bewildering because there may be instance that you can hardly put into painting the message or idea that you want to convey. Some may be able to see the “picture”, but others may have hard time understanding what you really mean. As such, the very first thing that you have to establish or develop is how to see the potential in a particular imagery. In this concern that looking at other abstract artworks would be quite beneficial to develop your own perspective.

abstract painting
Develop Your Abstract Idea
Don't rush the process if you can take it slowly. The point is: when you already have an idea on what to paint, don't start the painting yet not until you have finalized everything that you'll outline on the canvas. Of course, you can use reference here (painting photos, for example). But be reminded that if you use a concrete artwork as basis, your output may be influenced by what you're seeing. In most cases, it's wiser to depend on your mind as long as your idea is clear. Yet, be sure that you clarify some vague concepts or the possible errors that you might commit in the process.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Options for the Appropriate Paint to Use

types of paint
What you paint is what you've seen or imagined, isn't it? But that does not mean that the prime requisite or the entire process is entirely dependent on your senses – you also need the right material to create the best masterpiece. Obviously, that relates to canvas, brush, and paint. Each one of these necessities also has distinct features or offers varied purposes depending on your painting style or subject. So you have to choose the most appropriate because, again, what you use affects what you'll see in the end. And this article focuses on the various choices of paint, and the considerations when deciding which one to use:

Acrylic Paint
Is this option the right one for you? To answer the question, you have to take bases from the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of paint. First on its upside is it dries quicker than the others – you can simply mix it with water or gels and use brushes that can be cleaned with water afterward. And when it is already dried, you can overpaint it with oils or watercolor even without disturbing the underlying layers. The downside, on the other hand, is that it can't be removed by rewetting the paint given that it's water proof and the working time should be made quick because it dries very fast on dog portrait painting. How about the cost? This varies on the brand and where you buy it, but there are always cheaper options for self portrait paintings.