Monday, June 16, 2014

Bringing Out Creative Ideas For Art Inspiration

Every day, we are challenged to be creative in all tasks that we do and wanting to Become a superhero to meet the deadlines or almost impossible to figure out those brain-wracking stuffs. The times when we stare at the blank computer screen, a new text document, a pile of hardbound books to read, that heart breaking letter, cursor blinking for hours; awaiting your fingers to type the keys in a genius way to write the winning script, or the blank canvas for painting portrait awaiting for an artist to paint. 
Painter Sketching
Photo Credits: Flickr, ertugrulincel, "painter"

Whatever creative challenges we face in our daily lives, there will be times that we get stuck and Unable to get to the next level. We are lost and uninspired.

But how do we inspire ourselves?

Deep Observation . Try to understand the things around you. Know your goals, failures and success. Grab your sketch pad or notebook to a place that inspires you. The best way is out in nature, like mountains, near the river, or During the sunset. But sometimes it's in the crowd. Different people and faces, the stories of sorrow and happiness, are priority you can use to Create a story on your canvas and use it as a wall decor and home alternative

Know Your Style . Sometimes it is better to get out of your comfort zone. You must learn how to experiment with a different style and approach. 'll never know what it's like if you do not give it a try and make some mistakes. Never tried oil pastels? Give them a try. Always wanted to draw something? Go and use your pencils. Never opened your watercolor kit? Open them and whirl it anyway. Use your painting materials and time to unleash your artistic and creative side. 

Light Up Your Work . What lights you up about the painting? The Process? The Composition? The Colors? Why not take a moment and try to analyze what that thing is When something catches your attention. Try to go out and walk. Bring with you your pen and notebook. Write your thoughts about the things that you can see. It is better to slow down your life. They say, life is too short to worry things. Give a break and enjoy life. 

Ideas from Other Artists . It is also good to get inspiration from other artists. Go to the library and read books. Note those ideas that you got from reading your favorite books and unfamiliar. Sometimes, it is not the library, but the internet where you can get new ideas and inspiration from other artists. You can try websites are priority helps you some techniques in painting. Other artists include musicians and singers. Why not try to listen to THEIR music. Listen and explore the different genres of art and music so that you can make it as your inspiration for your next piece of art. 

Remember, if you can keep an open mind, the possibilities are endless ideas for painting. It is best that you know when and how to use that stored idea. A blank canvas will be no longer a blank one if you already know what to paint around.

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