Monday, January 27, 2014

Tips to Conceive a Magnificent Idea for Abstract Painting

You can never paint what you can't think about or imagine, right? Which is why the conception of an idea (concrete or abstract) precedes the creation of an artwork like a landscape painting. And that means, then, that if what you have conceived is unclear and not impressive, it will reflect on your masterpiece. So, apparently, you have to be very creative in developing that idea which could embody what can be seen in reality or that which cannot but could magnet the attention of whoever will look at it. But such is something which cannot be taught for each artist has his own unique way of expressing himself and seeing the world with his own lenses. As such, the following tips are only intended to aid you in conceiving a magnificent idea for your abstract painting:

See the Potential
It's always easier to decide on the concrete subject, but not when you think about an abstract masterpiece. You might find it somewhat bewildering because there may be instance that you can hardly put into painting the message or idea that you want to convey. Some may be able to see the “picture”, but others may have hard time understanding what you really mean. As such, the very first thing that you have to establish or develop is how to see the potential in a particular imagery. In this concern that looking at other abstract artworks would be quite beneficial to develop your own perspective.

abstract painting
Develop Your Abstract Idea
Don't rush the process if you can take it slowly. The point is: when you already have an idea on what to paint, don't start the painting yet not until you have finalized everything that you'll outline on the canvas. Of course, you can use reference here (painting photos, for example). But be reminded that if you use a concrete artwork as basis, your output may be influenced by what you're seeing. In most cases, it's wiser to depend on your mind as long as your idea is clear. Yet, be sure that you clarify some vague concepts or the possible errors that you might commit in the process.

Experiment on Your Ideas
Try it out before you finalize any abstract idea you have in mind. This is necessary given that there are certain painting elements which may appear as quite appealing, but the others are not. So, you have to evaluate all the necessities (colors, lines, etc.) to ensure the realistic look of your masterpiece. Meanwhile, you might find it creative to use a photo manipulation program to get an overview of how your idea would look like if already made or turned into abstract oil paintings from photos.

Consider other Perspectives
While you might think that what you're thinking about is already the best of all, it's still clever to consider the possible perspectives. It's important so that you'll have other options just in case you're uncertain on the outcome of your initial idea. This does not mean, though, that you need to shift from one concept to another; all you have to do here is choosing the best among your ideas for Painting from a photo and those which you have taken from other artists.

There's actually no rule when it comes to conceiving and developing an idea for abstract painting. What's necessary is only your creativity to paint what you think could exemplify the beauty that you see or the thought that sets you apart from the rest.

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