Monday, June 4, 2012

Portrait Painting: Using Your Own Photo as Subject

Portrait paintingThe idea of portrait painting in which you can use your own photograph as reference for a painting or portrait is becoming popular nowadays especially to those individuals who are collecting this kind of craft for years and who's passionately indulge themselves with the idea of arts and other creative masterpiece. This is for them to try something new but at the same time a very unique kind of collection. It doesn't loose it's creativity and being artistic since anyone can personalize and customize their own painting for this kind of art works. They will be using their own photo as subject and their chosen artist or painter will try to communicate and ask them about the other details they want to see in their portrait painting arts and create it depending on their desire.

Since you will be using your own photo as subject for a portrait painting arts, you can choose your most favorable and favorite image. That one who can really tell an unforgettable story and memorable event of your life. So when choosing the right photo, make sure that it has a significant value in your life. You can have your family picture turned into a family portrait. You can also used your wedding photo as reference for a wedding canvas. If you want to reminisce your childhood memories, try to gather photos of you when you are still a cute baby, young and playing outside without worrying on something then make use of it as reference for a beautiful painting. That will definitely create memories of you. Or if there is someone special in your life right now, you can surprise her with a painting of herself. This kind of creative present will surely make her feel honored and special. It's not about the price but it's more of the real value it can give to someone emotionally.

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